Do Carbon Filters Work For Water Scales?

Have you ever seen white scales in your kitchen and bathroom? These are calcium and magnesium contained in public water. San Antonio’s city public water has more calcium and magnesium, so I think many people have experienced it.

When I visited a catering company, its manager told me that he was struggling with white scales sticking on their noodle cooker. He placed a filter on it and it was an active carbon filter. 

Also, a restaurant chef was so struggling with white scales in the ice machine and asked a local company for a solution. The company proposed a filtration system. I found that the system consists of an active carbon filter and a sediment filter. 

By the way, do the active carbon filters work for preventing white scales? 

The answer is “NO.”

Active Carbon Image

Active Carbon Filters Cannot Remove Minerals

Active carbon can adsorb only organic compounds such as benzene, pesticide, chlorine, fluorine, materials causing odd, and so on, so it cannot adsorb inorganic materials such as calcium and magnesium.

Therefore, the active carbon filter is not the correct solution to prevent the white scales. The correct solution is water softeners. 

The active carbon filter works for removing odd and color and so on. For example, it is working when cooking rice with carbon in a pot.

Carbon Filter

Many Reverse Osmosis (RO) systems include a post-carbon filter made of active carbon as well as membranes. in order to remove odd and color from water.

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