How to Cook Rice Deliciously?

When cooking rice, do you know the best way to wash and rinse rice?

The answer is using softened water. Also, water purified with reverse osmosis is the best. 

When I was working in the food industry, a noodle manufacturer, I met a lady working in a demonstration company that does demos in many Japanese grocery stores. She said the best way to cook delicious rice is to use the softened and purified water at the first washing, and rinse and drain water immediately. 

At the first washing, water goes into the rice grains rapidly and the first water remains in the rice grains, so using purified water at the first rinsing is one of the ways to cook delicious rice. Also, at the first rinsing, please drain water immediately. If you do not drain the first water immediately, dust and rice bran called “Nuka” remain on the rice grains. Since dry rice has many materials, you must remove them when the first rinsing.
Rice Image

Reverse Osmosis (RO) Make Rice Very Delicious!

If you have a reverse osmosis system in your kitchen, please use RO water to continue. However, if you do not have the RO system, use tap water and rinse rice three or more times. Finally, pour the RO water or bottled water into the rice pot and immerse rice with the purified water for about 1 hour. For the details, please see the following youtube video.

Hard Water is not Good for Cooking Rince!

Why is hard water bad for cooking rice? The reason is that minerals such as calcium and magnesium cover rice grain’s surface and prevent water penetration into rice when cooking rice. After rinsing rice with hard water at the first rinse, the cooked rice is a little dry and hard because water could not go into rice smoothly.

 Also, many people know that washing rice is to polish rice with water in a pot. This is incorrect. Recently, the technology of polishing rice got better, so you do not have to polish rice in a pot. As the youtube video shows, please stir the rice with fingers to rinse rice. If you polish rice, rice grains are damaged, and the taste got worse. 
I hope everybody can cook delicious rice with this correct procedure. Please enjoy!

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