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Who is Seki Water System? We are a water treatment provider licensed by TCEQ.

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TCEQ License

TCEQ Licensed 

Seki Water System is a water treatment specialist licensed by TCEQ, The Texas Commission on Environmental QualityTCEQ strives to protect the state’s public health and natural resources consistent with sustainable economic development. Their goal is clean air, clean water, and the safe management of waste and provide the people safety.

In Texas, only licensed providers can install water treatment equipment.

Perfect Maintenance

Seki Water provides all customers perfect maintenance services such as water quality check and salt delivery for water softeners in rental and two inspection visits after all equipment installations.


Seki Water’s water treatment equipment is insured perfectly. If the equipment damages your property, our liability insurance covers all of the damages. All customers can use our equipment with confidence.

Honest & Save Money

Seki Water takes care of the provided equipment perfectly. We know the best timing for filter replacement and recommend all customers the replacement with the best timing. 

TWQA Member


Seki Water is a member of the Texas Water Quality Association, TWQA.

Case Study

In San Antonio, we provided some restaurants the reverse osmosis systems designed for restaurants.

One example is Hero’s Ramen x Sushi. Have you ever been to Hero’s? You should feel that their drinking water is very delicious. Hero’s Ramen x Sushi serves RO water Seki Water provided and is using the water for their foods such as steamed rice and so on. Please try out drinking just their water!

Another restaurant is Nama Ramen. Nama Ramen has started using RO water since September 2018. The owner said “not only customers but also employees enjoy the RO water. Since water is very delicious, some employees bring their own bottles and take water.

If restaurant owners in San Antonio want to satisfy customers with water, please contact us now!! 

Restaurant RO System Image

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