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San Antonio, TX

Seki Water System is a water treatment provider located in San Antonio, TX, providing affordable water softeners and reverse osmosis systems.

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Water Solutions

Do you have water problems? Typical solutions for water issues are here. Check it out!

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Seki  Water publishes useful information about water treatment.  Let’s discover!

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Seki Water offers water softener and reverse osmosis systems for residences and restaurants.

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TWQA Member


Seki Water is a member of the Texas Water Quality Association, TWQA.

Residential Water Treatment Solutions

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Residential Reverse Osmosis (RO) System

Seki Water System distributes affordable reverse osmosis systems for residences. The RO dispenses perfectly purified water. The water enables to cook all dishes deliciously, and is good for drinking. For the details, please check our blog article.

Seki Water installs the RO with our professional Services just for $399.99. Our maintenance service includes an inspection after the installation. Please check out our shop page here!

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Residential Water Softener

Seki Water System distributes affordable water softeners for residences.  Since the water is very hard in Texas, the water softener is essential to protect your house from white scales consisting of calcium and magnesium. For details, please check our blog.

Seki Water installs the water softener. The price is from $999.99 but it varies by size. Each purchase includes twice inspections after the installation. Please check out out our shop page here!

Restaurant Water Treatment Solutions

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Restaurant Reverse Osmosis (RO)

Seki Water distributes reverse osmosis (RO)  systems designed for restaurants. This RO provides large amounts of purified water so all restaurants comfortably serve very delicious water for their customers.

Seki Water rents the RO at an affordable rental fee. For details, please contact us!

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Restaurant Water Softener

Seki Water distributes water softeners designed for restaurants. Seki Water maintains not only the water softener but also water itself meaning the quality, so all restaurants can comfortably use water without any concern.

The water softener is rented at an affordable rental fee including salt, so restaurants do not worry about out of salt.

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